IOS Video Poster Frame/ Artwork

When I go into the Media Drive application on my IOS and then go to videos the Artwork for my videos are random clips. Is there a way you can update the app to recognize Album Art / Poster Frames from iTunes instead of a preview? My kids can’t read so black screens or random clips with a “play” symbol on it doesn’t help them find the movie they are wanting to watch.

I am using the latest Firmware 2.9.1

Other than that I am happy with this product and it seems to ber working great for my needs.

No, the Media drive does nto support artwork for the video it will just generate a picture from a frame of the video. 

Thanks for the reply, I am aware that it just shows a random frame or the first frame.

Question was/is:

Can this be changed in a future upgrade of the Sandisk Media Drive app to show artwork instead of a preview “poster frame”?

I have small children that cannot read so video clips that mean nothing to them makes it difficult while traveling to find a video that they want to watch.

Associating an image with a video file would be extremely valuable.  Viewing a random frame is completely useless to help identify the movie.  The title and a random frame may not trigger to me or any users connected what the movie file is, but the poster or DVD cover is as valuable in this app as it is everywhere else you view files/media.  Imagine going to iTunes or Amazon to find a movie you want to watch and only having the title and a random clip.  It would be impossible to remember which is which.