iOS file transfers and Other Inquiries


I had an inquiry regarding the SanDisk Connect 200GB. I have an iPad 2 and it’s memory is almost full. I want to know whether the “Open In…” option actually downloads the file onto the iPad. does it download or open it in iBooks temporarily. The SanDisk app is very limited in terms of handling documents, specially PDFs where things are bookmarked, and I do not want to load my iPad. 

If it dwnloads the document, are tehre any other alternative way to temporarily open the document with full access from the Drive only?


Yes to use open in the file needs to be downloaded to the iOS device. IIRC this is a requirement of iOS so i am not aware of a product that works differently. 

drlucky thanks for the clarification! not that it matters now, as I suppose I havet adapt to the delete > re-download cycle. I, however, have been facing a minor issue with Android phones. I have a Galaxy Note 4 running on the latest android. But whenever I try to connect, it doesn’t connect in one try. I have to enter the password multiple times and after quote a considerable number of times it connects. Is this quite prevalent, or is there something wrong with my hard/software somewhere?

it should not forget the password once you have connected. try forgetting the network and reconnecting.