iOS App Problem

I may be wrong but at the moment it doesn’t seem like you can ‘Open in’ any of the files on the flash drive into other apps from within the ios app? It only gives you the option to send it by email or messages. To me this makes the drive/app pretty useless as the most common usage scenario (I would think) is for someone to put a file (word/excel/pages etc) on to the drive from a computer so that you can open it and edit it on iPhone/ipad. The other thing I encountered is that when I ‘open in’ a pages/numbers document into the ios app it seems to compress it into a zip file (not sure if that is the fault of this app or of pages and numbers),


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I agree - this is a HUGE problem.  I’m a lawyer and want to use the drive to carry work files.  I need to open them in various readers and editors and cannot.  While I can ‘dropbox’ ‘evernote’ ‘googledrive’ etc (all with their own trademarks etc.) the documents, there are times I’m away from civilization (no cell or wifi) in the mountains of Southwestern Virginia.  Every other app I’ve got allows an "open in . . . " and a list of a bunch of programs – this one needs it also.

With that addition this could be a FIVE STAR tool I’ll tell my colleagues about. At the moment I’m going to have to downgrade it severely and not reccomend it.

Any solution forthcoming support?

I don’t see any of my files to upload to the flash drive from my Ipad…

Does anyone have a suggestion? Also, one of the main reasons I purchased this was for music storage. On my iPhone and iPad it only plays 1 song from a folder, with no other controls. Will this be addressed? 

Hello, Support?? Anyone???