IOS app caches and slowly fills up ipad memory

This must be an old subject.

I am using an IPad Air with the Media Drive and have it working with FB (FileBrowser). When using the native Media Drive app, I have notices that it is caching data that it does not clear out on exit and over time the app needs to be removed and reinstalled.

Is there a “delete temp’ files” option or is this a bug?

Also, FileBrowser works is FTP mode so can not stream, just download. Can the Media Drive accept other protocols?


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February 2016 and still the size of the app grows hundreds of megabytes over time. Only deleting the app and reinstalling helps… Any willingness from Sandisk to address this?

I was thinking the same until I realized it was just not the Wireless Media Drive that was doing it but all of my App size were increased to a large extent from the initial size when they were downloaded. If you want to check it you can go to iOS settings>>General>>Storage and iCloud Usage>>Manage Storage. I think you should raise a support request  with Apple Support and check if they have a resolution for the same.

Sure all IOS apps grow over time. Photos grow because you take pictures but if you delete them the size is reduced. Whatsapp grows because the app saves your conversations but the app has an option to delete conversations and the size of the app reduces, etc, etc, etc. The sandisk app increases because is caching data (thumbnails…etc) but there is no option to delete that. This is what I’m reffering to… So not, is not Apple, is Sandisk I should address about this issue/request.