Intra title bookmarking

I recently purchased a Clip Plus (2GB) and updated it to the latest firmware (as of mid June 2010).  I don’t know if the following feature is available, but it was in my previous iAudio U2 player:  I was able to bookmark where in a song (or lecture) I was up to so that when I returned to that lecture, I could continue from where I left off.  For example, it would remember that I was 23 minutes into Lecture #1 and 12 minutes into Lecture #2, precluding the need for me to fast forward to the spot I left off.  There appears to be a feature called a GoList in the Clip+, but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t seem to work the same way (it just takes you to the song, not the position you left off from within the song).  Am I missing the boat?

For files the player considers audiobooks or podcasts(either the genre tag  is audiobook or podcast, or they are in the audiobooks or podcasts folder on the player) the player has auroresume. If you play part of the file, when you restart it, the player asks if you want to resume or start from the begining.