Internal memory higher priority than track number

I have a 4G fuze with latest firmware (2.01.17) and an 8G uSD card, both are reaching their limit of capacity.

I had an album that could not fit on either the internal or card completely but I had enough free space that I could spread the album over both and it would fit.

I transfered the first 14 songs to the card then the rest of the album I transfered to the internal memory.

When I tried to play the album the Fuze ignored the track numbers and listed song 15 first, after the last song of the album it listed song 1 that was on the external card.

I consider this a bug, if the Fuze is going to read the track number tag then read the track tag, don’t give the songs on the internal memory a higher priority than the track number. One or the other please Mr SanDisk.

I agree but this would require use of track numbers in the tags currently the fuze sorts albums alphabeticly. I want sort by track number as well.

Just for organizational sake, why don’t you move another smaller album from the internal memory to the card, or vice-versa, so that you have room in one place or the other for the entire album. I’ve run into this several times, and would prefer Artists & all their albums in one place or the other, not spread out over the two. Sometimes it takes some creative moving around to get it done, but it’s better than the alternative, at least as far as I’m concerned.