Internal and external memory

Is it true that using both memories together (songs on flash memory and sd) makes the player “unusable”, like over 10 seconds of lag?

If yes:

1- why would sandisk put a product like this on the market
2- why this happens in 2011 with the technology available :S

I’m receiving the player in 1-2 days and I bought it for expansion reasons!

Is Sandisk aware of this problem? Will they ever fix it?

@_sandro wrote:

Why this happens in 2011 with the technology available :S

I’ve asked that question a million times in my life. For example, why can’t they make constuction technology “silent”, so that those of us who live close to a construction zone don’t have to be woken up in the morning to the sound of jackhammers. Why havn’t we invented electric cars with solar panels? Why is it that we can send robots into space, but still don’t have robo-maids?

The fact is: it’s not about the technology. It’s about the money. As long as people keep paying for whatever products are being sold, why would the manufactures care about quality? All they want is $$.

However, Sandisk probably knows that people are going to return their products if menus continue to lag. Odds are, they working on less lagy software right now. Personally, I don’t think the lag is that bad (except startup times), so I would think twice about returning the Fuze+. If you truly are unhappy with it, then I recommed the original Fuze, which lags considerably less.

You can still get it at, for less than what you might pay at a regular dealer.

I received it today, We’ll see how it behaves

Thanks for this informational reply. I’ll be using this in the future. :robotvery-happy: