Intermittent problem with 2 TB 3D SSD

A few days ago, I purchased a 2TB 3D SSD to replace my user directory disk, in my Mac Pro, running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6. Before that, I had a 1TB Sandisk SSD, as my user homes disk. Worked perfectly, but I needed more space. All steps below, were done multiple times, because of the problem I’ll describe.

  • Connected disk in my computer.

  • Formatted it, using Apple’s Disk Utility.

  • Restored my user home directory from a backup disk.

The problem I am facing with the new disk is that several times, my system freezes, soon after boot, if I log in as a user, whose home directory is on the new disk. It usueally works for a minute or two and then it freezes and causes a reboot. If I log in as admin (whose home directory is on my boot disk, another Sandisk SSD 240 GB), everything works OK. If I log out from admin, and log in as a user (whose home directory is on the new disk) some times the computer freezes and needs to be rebooted, or some other times, it works as it should. If I replace the new disk, with the old 1 TB disk, everything works fine, every time!

I can return the new disk to the shop I bought it from, but (a) I’ll have to erase all my data from it and (b) the problem may not appear in their normal testing (connect the disk to a PC, see if it is recognised, format it and that’s it). Is there a test I can perform to verify the disk is OK?

Since the new disk didn’t come cheap (350 Euros), I am pretty frustrated. What do you suggest I do?