Interesting observations about Fuze "Product ID" (as seen by Mac OS X).

I use a PowerPC Macintosh exclusively, so I can’t access any player’s files in MTP mode. However, I’ve found, at least with SANSA Fuze s, that any that will show up at all in MSC mode will show up in either mode under the OS X System Profiler , although with less information when connected in MTP mode. I’ve mde the following interesting observations, based on connecting a few v1 and a few v2 Fuzes:

  1. The  Product ID shows up as either 0x74c0 or 0x74c1 for v1 Fuze s and 0x74c2 or 0x74c3 for  v2 Fuze s.

  2. With some Fuze s, this ID shows up as 0x74c0 or 0x74c2 in both MSC and MTP modes, while with others, it shows up as 0x74c1 or 0x74c3 in MSC mode, while showing up as 0x74c0 or 0x74c2 in MTP mode.

The latter result seems strange. But my sample isn’t large enough to draw definitive conclusions about either observation. Maybe somebody else can share their own observations, even if the numbers show up in decimal rather than hex on their computers.