Interesting Article About Sandisk

That’s it.  Done deal.  I’ll proclaim it here and now:

Eli Harari, you’re the man!!

If I had five million dollars, I know right where I’d be putting my money, gentlemen.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

We’ll see if Sandisk’s CEO has another deal in him. Sandisk right now are a company that builds bricks, which is fine as that goes. Flash will be in demand for the foreseeable future. If they want to get into the business of building houses, per Sansa’s CE products, then Sandisk need to get another partner. They don’t have the in-house expertise on the software side.

sandisks bread and butter is flash not MP3 players. MP3 players are kinda like a little side project for sandisk. that being said the firmware development for the currently manufactured products (clip+, fuze, slotradio, and slotmusic players) is done in house and in my experience pretty well done. the view (in which i think you are referring to) was not developed by sandisk and sandisk did not code the firmware. it was a product purchased by sandisk and unfortunately i think sandisk got screwed on it as well.  

Here’s video article with him.