Interest in command-line album art program?

I have a program I’ve been using to get album art for awhile now, and its been handy. It searches Amazon for album art, and puts it in a hidden file called folder.jpg. It uses the directory name for the search, or you can put in your own search words.

I haven’t made any effort to release it because it requires some other software on the PC which most people don’t have (perl). I think there is a way to make this into a normal executable that wouldn’t require any other software. The catch is, it runs on a command-line (not a GUI).

If anyone is interested in this, let me know.


C:\My Music\Temporary\Fleet Foxes\Sun Giant [EP]> -m
Using dir: [Sun Giant [EP]]
—Item 0—
Artist: Fleet Foxes
Album: Sun Giant EP
Label: Sub Pop
—Item 1—
ASIN: B000005ITU
Artist: They Might Be Giants
Album: Why Does the Sun Shine?
Label: Elektra / Ada

Pick Item Number:

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Sounds pretty useful! Why don’t you just release it here, and see if anyone uses it! I love commnad line utils because they are so simple. I would use it!

I was looking for something like this for a while! Great work! Could you release it, please?

I’m sure people would appreciate your work.  Also, if anyone is interested in a GUI version, I find MP3Tag a Great utility in not only editing MP3Tags, but also for finding album art and embedding them in the tag. 

It’s a great utility.

Actually I’ve abandoned this idea. I was running into difficulty packaging it for easy distribution, and since the new Fuze firmware supports embedded MP3 artwork I don’t expect this will be needed so much.

But couldn’t you publish it as a bare source file? At least more experienced folks would benefit. I’d love to run this tool recursively on my music directory tree!

Try MP3tag, it is great and you can run it across an entire directory and subdirectories.  I can embed album art in all my tracks in about 30 seconds. 

It is a great program.

The script is here:

Check the readme.txt for how to set it up. Setting it up might be a bit of effort for newbies, but once installed its a very fast way to get a folder.jpg (it just takes a few seconds). Run it, pick the album, and you’re done.

If you’re using Linux, it should run right off.