Interaction -- Firmware e200

Hi, the sansa wheel has such exciting possibilities to enhance interaction, I would like to see this get used in more features.

E.g. Why do we need to have the play and context menu button be used for up and down navigation in the music menu? Since this is already down by the wheel it would be nice to have an additional context menu here on the lower button to e.g. put entire levels (albums, genres etc. )  to the playlist.

Scan throught song is a feature I would really like to see to be accassible more easy, e.g. by press and hold or if this is possible by the hardware, why don’t use a double click on the middle button, or just like ipod by simply cycling througt with the middle button. 

I know this is a difficult topic for a big company, but maybe it would be worth thinking about makeing the FW OpenSource to get more users involved in improving the product. I think where are lots of people very interested and motivated to do so. Or support rockbox poeple with information to support v2!

As others yet stated, I think as sansa being mainly a hardware vendor this would be a win win situation. 


that’d be cool