Instructions for sansa clip and sansa connect

I am amazed at the lack of complete instructions for these products. I first bought a Sansa Clip 1 gb. and read the instructions to connecting them to my computer. I connected the clip and the computer did not recognize it, so I did some research, and came to the conclusion I had to have media player 11. After that it worked fine and then I decided I wanted more memory for more songs, so I bought a sansa connect 4 gb to put all the songs I wanted to. After installing software, It recognized the connect and the next time I connected it it was not recognized. I uninstalled the yahoo software and reinstalled it downloaded more music and the next time again it did the same thing,  I was thinking of returning it until I found, and  found out others were having the same problems and there I found out how to reset my device to get it to work. My suggestion is there needs to be more details in the intructions in the Box, because not everyone knows how to operate these and it is very frustrating when they dont work for one reason or other.