Installing Fuze on netbook with no cd available?

Hello all. I need to install a Sansa Fuze on my netbook, which does not have a cd drive. Is there a full download available for the installation?

Thanks all…


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There’s nothing on the CD that you need to use your Fuze. Sansas can connect in two ways, MTP or MSC. MTP drivers are built into Windows Media Player (version 10 or later), and MSC drivers are part of every modern operating system. If WMP doesn’t run on netbooks, you can still use MSC mode, in which the player will appear as two drives (the player and the microSD slot, even if a card isn’t inserted). You can simply drag-and-drop files to the player or the card as you choose. The player will find them wherever you put them.

On the Fuze, go to Settings>System Settings>USB Mode to change the setting.

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And if you want to transfer videos to the Fuze, you can use SanDisk’s cumbersome, annoying Sansa Media Converter:

or the homemade, convenient Video4Fuze

I use WMP version 9 all the time.  So any WMP after version 9 will work. 

I have a netbook too.  I love that there’s no installation CD.  Just plug in and use if I need to.  Charge.  Transfer songs as needed or whatever.  It’s nice.

 At one time I thought v10 didn’t work with the Fuze so I’ve never upgraded.  That’s why I choose v9 for my netbook (it had some older  version for some odd reason).

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