Installing Fuze belt clip holder

OK, its not an electronic problem, but I bought a crystal clear case for my Fuze and a belt clip comes with it. After contacting the aftermarket seller he seems not to be able to understand the language well enough to explain what should be a simple process. The clip itself is white, has a flexible u shaped part, and a circular part which is about the size of the circle on  the back of the fuze. Has anyone else had the same problem?? If need be I’ll include a pic of the device


You bought this hard case unit (excellent case by the way, fits like a glove).

You must start with the hard case still open in two pieces.  It comes with a white three-piece clip assembly.  The main clip is the largest piece.  Then, there are two round pieces which screw into each other.  Unscrew the two round pieces.  They are to be attached to the back half of the hard case, with the threaded piece on the inside (thread facing out), and the thumb-wheel piece screwing into the threaded piece from the outside.  After you’ve done that, the first half of the assembly is complete.  Now, put the Sansa into the hard case assembly and close the case carefully by slowly squeezing the sides until you hear audible clicks.  Now, insert the thumb-wheel (attached to the Fuze) into the large clip and feel it click into place.  The assembly is now complete.   The large clip has a slotted hook which your belt can slide into. 

If you’ve already put the Sansa into the hard case without the thumbwheel assembly, you’ll have to remove the hard case, and then begin the assembly.  The instructions for opening the hard case is in the video in the above link.

Good luck, 


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