Installed wrong software

I just got my Clip Jam. During reading some forums I decided to update the software. I found a forum with software 1.43(Clip Sport) and loaded it onto my Clip Jam. Big Mistake as I am now aware.
My Clip Jam powers up, but that’s it. Just shows "SanDisk on screen. Computer doesn’t show the Clip Jam on “Devices and Drives”.
Hopefully I haven’t created a dead MP3 player.
Any suggestions?

Contacted SanDisk
They are replacing Clip Jam. Great people.

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No solution besides replacing it? Suckz, same issue here

I contacted SanDisk cust service. Very helpful and understanding.
I supplied proof of purchase for warranty purposes and they replaced the unit.

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They will replace mine too! Still trying to find a fix but it is obvious by now there is none. Crazy though, a wrong update kills the player flat out and they know about it.

Miss my old Clip+, the new Jam is nothing but trouble and i am not really looking forward to the replacement.

Maybe i am fetching an used one on Ebay…

Thanks for the reply!

You can always sell the clip jam replacement (it comes new in a box with all attachments)
I found a clip sport and clip sport plus online at BH Photo for a decent price.

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I might do that…

The troubles i had with my now trash Jam were related to the audibook (which i use the player exclusively for) functions.

I opened a thread if you dare to read.

Since then it´s gotten even worse, the new Jam won´t recognize audibooks and have to be selected through the “Folder” function which won´t set the .pos file and gives me headaches when switching books.

In addition SanDisk “weakend” the lock function, which causes the player to shut off and even unlock+skip files, which is terribly annoying when you are forced to listen to audibooks via folder without .pos files.

I bought a Jam and dailiy used it since in 2016 (had 2 Clip + between 2011-2016) and it served me pearly until recently, when the clip broke off and i found reduced battery capacity but it didn´t have any of the software issues.

Thus a “Sport+” most likley won´t fix the troubles since it´s running the same software more or less and i would rather return to the superior old technology which is approved by most of the Sansa veterans.

Shame they weakend their MP3 Player portfolio altogether all that much, the audibook market is vigorously growing and a good portable product (which the chipset&hardware of the Clip+ had) gotta be earning a buck or two.

Sorry for rambling just heartbroken for my Jam (2016-2021 RIP) and the finding the new models can be fatally broken by an software glitch, so i´m getting some steam off.

Thanks for the heads up.
I use my clip sport for audio music. I’ve inserted a 32gb micro for added songs.
It took a bit of experimenting to figure out how to best utilize the card. The firmware only displays 2000 songs so I downloded everything to the 32gb card then had to divide songs between the “music” and “card” folders in order to access double the tunes.
That gave me 16gb of song display.
The remaining 16gb of songs will have to be manually accessed in the “folder” section.
Now that I am more familiar with the SanDisk players, i would opt for the 32gb model so that I can access all data through one source.

My next purchase will also include bluetooth (sport plus)

Sure, if you´re using your SanDisk for music only it´s a great player (but so is everyone else).

Been doing that since ~2016 when i switched more and more to audibooks/podcasts, so the functionality in this section has grown indispensable and is all or nothing (spoiler: the competition is even worse than what SanDisk has put out, when i can´t get my head around that consindering the growing audibook market)

The old (Clip+) players also had the “recently added” menu which was gold when i was listening to music, newly added tracks would show there and they cut it too :frowning:

For music alone there is a lot of decent competition on the market, you´ll be fine whatever you chose.

For us audibook lovers searching for a compact/easy 2 use player its been dim since the decline of the Sansa Mp3 line (after Clip+ when they switched to cheaper materials and downsized the software substantially) without anyone relevant stepping in, the best times seeming to be beyond us (5+ Years ago), whats upsetting.

Even music lovers like you might be be better advised in purchasing an well-preserved Clip+, give it a thought unless you insist on the bluetooth!

Thanks for the great advice.
The reason i am considering bluetooth is to be able to broadcast on my car stereo as well as outdoor speakers.

I’ll check into the clip+

Can’t find clip+. Just clip sport plus (which is the model I was referring to)

Yeah that´s kind of my point, Sandisk stopped the clip+ line in ~2017 and since then we get a way inferior product with the jam&sport.

A boxed Clip+ will cost you $120+ since they’re rare and inarguably the best players for audibooks ever made.

As stated for music only there is many cheap ($~30) fine hardware out there and the clash between quantity>quality has been decided for too long.

There is none flawless player for audibooks on the market, they came close with the Clip+ (hardware was great) even though the software had more than enough glitches which seemed very fixable though but they just downgraded since and we audibook listeners are worse off since they discarded the Clip+ and the competition is even worse.

It’s sad to hear that, but it seems this is becoming more typical of companies today.
Ever try dealing with phone and cable providers recently? Now that is a nightmare.

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I bought a Jam and dailiy used it since in 2016 (had 2 Clip + between 2011-2016) and it served me pearly until recently, when the clip broke off and i found reduced battery capacity but it didn´t have any of the software issues.

So, clipJam is dead and cannot be saved if this update has been applied?

While waiting for my post to be approved, I have saved my Clip Jam

yes, I stupidly upgraded to the wrong firmware, Fortunately it was still visible to the PC so I re.upgaded with the correct one and bingo! all is well.

good to hear. You are one of the lucky ones.

thank you for sharing with us..