Installed Rockbox before switching mode to MSC - help anyone??


I’ve made a bit of a schoolboy error with this one, bough a Clip+ from Amazon and installed Rockbox firmware before reading the manual - so I totally missed the bit about changing the device connection from USB to MSC in Sandisk firmware, prior to installing the latest version of Rockbox…

The player is no longer recognisable as a drive by my pc and I can’t see a way of uninstalling Rockbox to start afresh,

does anyone know how to change to MSC settings from the Rockbox menu?

Or how to get back to the original firmware?

I’ve had a look through the settings menus and have yet to find anything

Further to the above,  I’ve stumbled across the current workaround via google - which is to turn off the Sansa clip+ before connecting the usb cable to a pc/laptop - the pc is then able to detect the sansa’s drive.

I  re-installed the original FW - clppa.bin (Sansa Clip+ Firmware Update 01.02.16) and then setting USB mode to MSC (as it happens the player was set to auto-detect - indicating there was no need to reinstall original FW - bloody typical!) 

Anyway to cut a long story short… Rockbox 3.10 now reinstalled and all seems good.

A slight oddity I never noticed earlier - when I turn the device off to connect to the PC it opens up with the original Sandisk screen / software settings… and when I remove the device and switch off/on again it opens in Rockbox.

I’m assuming that this is the Rockbox dual boot feature - which is usually enabled via “press and hold the Left button while turning on the player”

Anyway, it seems like Rockbox 3.1/Clip + combo is less stable than I anticipated… So long as it works, eh?