Installation Disk

Sounds dumb, but I believe I threw out the installation disk for my clip with the Christmas wrapping paper.  (Don’t laugh!!! I have four kids and stuff always disappears or gets thrown in the trash.  Why couldn’t it be their stuff?!!!)   Do any of you know how I can get another installation disk?  Is there something on the SanDisk website that allows you to download the installation info? 

Any help would be appreciated!!!



First, you’ll need the real owner’s manual, via the SanDisk website.

I purchased my clips at Best Buy, and they came with a Rhapsody installation disk…and a Sansa Clip Quick Start Guide, I believe it is called.  With the above manual, you’re good to go!

For subscription music, I recommend Rhapsody; you can download their software interface at…Yahoo is another choice, but it is soon to be absorbed by Rhapsody/RealNetworks.

I prefer a marketplace with competing suppliers…oh well.

I hope you have Windows Media Player 11 or one of many applications like Media Monkey to transfer your CDs (as mp3 files) to your new sansa.

The “installation disk” information is primarily the user guide.

 Upgrade your firmware by following the directions in the above stickies!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

The garbage is the best possible place for the installation disc.

The Clip does not come with (nor does it need) an installation disc from the factory- The discs are added by third parties, like Best-Buy, and are just marketing tools to try and trick you into signing up with proprietary music services, such as ©Rhapsody.

Seems like the people who install these discs are always the ones who have problems with their Clips- as far as communication with their computers.

Leave the disc in the garbage where it can’t do any harm or cost you any money- all you need to do in order to load the Clip is drag and drop files onto it…or if you’re so inclined, snyc it to a media player.

The user manual is available online (including on this very site)…but even that is unnecessary, as it is pretty much worthless- you can get all the info you need here on the forum.

Enjoy your Clip…these things are GREAT!!