Installation CD/Movie Converter Problems

I just got a new e280


  1. My laptop will not read my installation guide CD, any suggestion on how i can make it to work or if i can download it somewhere on this website??

  2. I’ve notice several ppl have issues with the movie converter, i tried to see if i could do a couple of the options you guys gave:

        - I tired downloading a general converter, not the sansa one, and I wasn’t sure what type of file i was suppose to convert it to (and its alil confusing to use in general too)

        - The Sansa Media converter won’t let me install it in the system (a version i downloaded from this website) because it says i don’t have something… access denied???

Anyone please let me know what to do with this!! thank you!

General movie converters wont work- you have to rotate the video 90degrees, change it to a .mov format 15fps and 220x176 pixel size. 

Besides the Sansa media converter from the Sansa website,  I’ve heard quicktime pro works or “media converter”.

Sounds like you need administrator permissions for the computer to install it.