inline volume control

I plan to take the Clip Jam skiing (I have a helmet with built in speakers), and have the player inside a coat pocket. However, I’d still like to be able to easily control the volume without removing it from my pocket.

Does the Clip Jam support inline volume controls, like on the headphone wires for many phones?

If not, would a headphone wire who’s volume control is based on an old fashioned Potentiometer work?

Nobody knows?

Can someone with an iPhone or Andriod, with volume control in the ear bud line, please test if it works and post the results?

I have a set of iPhone ear buds with the in-line volume control on one cord  ( - ) and (+) buttons, with microphone.

The volume buttons have no effect on the volume output from my SanDisk Clip Sport.

   Maybe take a look at the new Clip Sport Plus with support for BlueTooth ear buds?

Thank you for testing it! Bluetooth isn’t an option for my helmet.

It looks like Amazon sells a cord with a potentiometer based volume control (at least that’s what it looks like). Not quite as nice, but I’m going to get that and see if it works.

I’ve been using a headphone extension cable with a volume wheel for years, and it does the job.