Initial charge never being completed

Hello, just bought my Sansa Clip+ and it’s been charging on the back USB 2.0 port of my computer for at least 12 hours. The battery icon still shows charging from empty to full cycles. I’ve also noticed it shut downs (or maybe only the screen?) after a few minutes charging.  I have WMP11 but couldn’t find anything on battery status on the computer. Please help.

Thank you.

It’s a Clip+ bug, never stops looking like it’s not finished charging – but if you get properties for the Clip+ device via Windows, you should see that you have a 100% charge.

There seems to be a bug in recognizing the battery condition, even in Windows properties.  I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate and the % charge never seems to update, no matter how long the player has been connected.    Also, when the player is connected to the computer, the battery status icon is inconsistent—sometimes it will show some % charge, then shortly afterward, another connection of the unit to the same computer shows zero charge.  


Teresa Merrick/NE

I noticed the same thing. When I plug the player to the PC, the battery indicator switches to charging indication and correctly states the battery level (e.g. if I had half the charge, it starts the charging indication always from the middle). The problem is that, apparently, when it reaches 100% it starts the charge process all over again. I hope this is only a problem with the indicator and not with the charging process, or else battery life may be seriously affected in the long term.