Increasing Volume by Restoring Factory Settings

I understand that Clip+ volume can be increased by “Resetting Factory Settings” to a non-EU country.  

Sounds great.  Before I attempt this can someone whose done this tell me exactly wha the steps are when I select this option.  Step-by-step?  What country to set to?  What other settings get reset?

(I’m exercising some caution because I have about 1,500 songs and 50 Podcasts on my Clip+ and I don’t want to risk losing any of this).


It doesn’t affect your content at all–it is safe to do.  If I recall correctly, there really are no “steps”–you just select the option, and voila.

If you have set any special settings yourself, I just would check them after doing the reset–it may, for example, reset the USB mode setting.  And you will want to check the volume setting.  Quick and easy to verify (and to reset, if needed) your settings.


Isn’t there someplace that I need to change to a non-EU country (for increased volume) or does this happen by default?  If so and I wanted to return to the “EU volume” how would I do that??

When you reapply the latest firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the Clip forum) and you choose a non-EU region (like N America or Rest of world), the player automatically gives you a high volume option under the volume setting, in addition to “normal” (the only option for the EU region).  I forget which is then set by default–just go to the setting and choose whichever one you want–you can switch at any time.

I don’t recall if you can get this volume option simply by resetting the player under its settings options (I apologize for not catching this earlier)–I don’t recall if you get a region option there.

But rather than continuing on chatting about it, I would recommend that you simply try it–it is easy to do and non-disastrous.  And if you don’t get a region and then volume option, simply reapply the latest firmware and choose a non-EU region–again, easy to do.