increasing capacity?

Hi. Is it possible to increase the capacity (i have the c250) by using a larger memory card? Or is there a memory card? Sorry, no idea. The guy at the store said this was possible, but I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere. Thanks!

yes. you can use microSD card up to 2GB. if you have the c200+ also know as c200 v2, you can use the microSDHC card which is up to 8GB.

Sorry, so what exactly does it come with? I thought it (the c250) came with 2GB?

Sorry again… so I have the c200. I don’t know if it’s + or v2, it just says c200… So does can this take the 8GB card?

Thanks so much.

The c250 has 2GB internal memory and can take up to a 2GB microSD card…