Incompatable USB Error Extreme 64GB 3.0

Hi, could somebody please help me as I can not play music on my flash drive after I successfuly synce music onto it.

I’m using Windows 10 and Media Player, but when I remove the USB and plug it in my car sound system, it displays “incompatable USB”.

I have formatted it over and over successfuly but each time the same error comes up.

It did work when I purchased the drive and downloaded music, however i was using Windows 8.1 at the time.

Now I have since upgraded to Windows 10, and wanted to add new music but an experiencing this difficulty.

Thanks for reading this and hopfully you can assist.


I suspect the car’s stereo only accepts FAT32 format devices and the drive when new was formated as exFAT.  When you reformated it you probably chose NTFS. 

There are two options, 1. write to the car manufacturer and ask if they have an update to their system that will allow it to read exFAT drives. 2. By smaller drives.  32 GB and below are formated as FAT32.

Supposedly there is a 3rd option.  There exists an HP format utility that will support formatting the 64GB drive as FAT32.  If you can find it it may solve your problem.  Use at your own risk. .