In Earphones with remote??

Hi All 

Just wondering is there any in ear earphones with remote (forward and back) that work on the sansa clip? I use mine for running  and riding so not a fan of always wanting to feel for the player…


Sorry, only iPods are wired for this and have such in-line controls available. Whle it can be a nice feature, the Sansa line of mp3 player’s headphone jacks are just that, headphone (only) jacks.

But if you only need to change the volume, you can purchase a cable extension cable that has a volume dial on it; I’ve been using those for years, and they are much handier than using a player itself for quick changes on the go.  Available at from Koss and Shure, for example, as well as at Radio Shack–around $7-$10.

Perhaps in the future, maybe this would be a possibility. I would want that feature of course.