Improvements list

This is my first mp3 player. It is a c200. Its enough for me to learn ,on my own,these new(to me) technologies. The following suggestions would really help.

When I bought this c200 new,it had a pitiful Quick guide. You should put a glossary in the instructions.I dont know all the terms ,how to use what they do. Eventually I figure some of it out by trial and error. There are no instructions on how to delete one song or all songs. What do I do? Record over everything?

It would help to know ahead of time through instructions. The trial and error method is exausting,and frankly we late comers usually dont have that much patience.

I went to this forum & am hoping to find an instruction manual,but cant seem to find one yet.


I agree they don’t make it easy, but then none of the manuals for any electronic gear lately really tell you how it works. Or they tell it to you in such user-unfriendly way, that you usually give up and learn about it by trial & error anyway.

Here is the c200 series board. You can ask questions, post problems or solutions (once you get up to speed), and discuss relevant topics with other users with the same device as yourself.

Read the shaded posts at the top of the board, called ‘stickies’ (as they are intentionally ‘stuck’ there and will not move) including the General Information and Firmware (like software) Update info. Here is the link to the User’s Guide for the c200, but you can always find it in the General Information post. This should help you in getting started, although I’m sure you will still have questions. Everybody does. Read through the posts/threads to familarize yourself with the topics and feel free to use the search box to find out what, if anything has been written about a subject before. You may very well find answers to your questions there. If not, then by all means post in that board to get help.

Enjoy your new toy and have fun! Remember, it’s only an inanimate object with a miniscule brain (computer chip). YOU are infinitely smarter than it is! :wink: