Impossible de supprimer fichiers


Sur mon MP3, je vois et j’entends la musique. À l’odinateur, je vois mon MP3 et quleques fichiers, mais je ne vois pas aucune de mes 116 chansons. Je désire les supprimer pour refaire ma liste comme il se doit. Je viens nouvellement d’avoir en cadeau mon sansa C200 de 1GO. J’ai probablement fais une erreur lors de l’installation de mes chansons. J’ai formaté et malgré cela, je vois toujours mes 116 chansons. merci de bien vouloir m’aider.


I hope someone french rolls along and sees this, becuase I have no idea what it says.


On my mp3, I see and I hear the music. On the computer, I see my mp3 and some files, but I don’t see any of my 116 songs. I would like to remove them to redo my list like it should be. I recently received my sansa C200 (one GB) as a gift. I have probably made an error during the installation of my songs. I have formatted and despite this, I see always my 116 songs. Thanks for helping me.

That’s my translation. If someone answers, I will attempt to put it in French for her…

Helene- Attendez-vous une response…

That’s about what I got from her post (I can figure out the French, but I doubt I could reply to her understandably).  Since she got it as a gift, I would ask if she installed the firmware updater.  If so, did she update her firmware?  How is she loading her songs?  Is she using a program like Windows Media Player, or is she dragging and dropping the files?  (sounds like she’s dragging and dropping, though).  I am surprised a re-format did not wipe out the songs, unless it was not done correctly by her computer.  If she wants to re-do everything anyway, I think I would try deleting everything and then re-formatting again.

One more thing about the formatting:  did she attempt to format it with her computer, or in her Settings menu?  There is an option for it.  If she tried one, perhaps she should try the other.