Important security hole?

There are a couple of things of concern. One would be, why and how does SanDisk leave a trace on my hard drive?

Specifically, when I save a keepass file on the sandisk thumbdrive, it will save a copy of itself to the harddrive like this:

C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\SanDisk SecureAccessV2

And there will be a full copy of the keepass kdbx file there. If I double click it, it is still necessary to enter the keepass password to access all my saved passwords. However, the point is to not leave that on the hard drive, hence, putting it on the SanDisk thumbdrive instead. SanDisk isn’t really secure if it leaves the file on the hard drive, too.

Also, I emailed support through the online form regarding this one but didn’t get an answer re: this wireshark question.

After doing a search to see what was updated on 1st of this month, I attached the screen shot of the search results with the questioned files highlighted. What was highlighted was a encryptstickconfig  file and the type of file was a “wireshark capture files.” Why? I did have wireshark installed and uninstalled it, but did not have it running. How could this encryptstick info get into a wireshark file when wireshark is meant to capture computer data traffic?

Any suggestions on these issues?


why and how does SanDisk leave a trace on my hard drive?

Well, no one ever said it was a stealth app.  Windows keeps stuff all the time of all apps that run on it.

Any suggestions on these issues?

Did you exit SecureAccess before removing the flash drive?

From my understanding, that folder items get purged on a regular basis. Also, as long as your PC account is secure, I’d say you have nothing to worry about.