imagemate 8 in 1

I have a new computer running Windows 7 and it does not recognize the 8 in1. How can I have it find it?

Hi bk10562

Works with Win10 - Windows 10 should work with Win7 as well.

I’m new just registered to see if anyone was having problems or not with the ImageMate 8-1 Card Reader.  I love this unit.  Our old HP C6150 Printer that lasted 16 years had 4 card readers built into it so I used that more than my 8-1, this one was used slightly over the years.  

Go here and read for an answer but save the pdf (next link below this one) as well so you will have a bit of information on it in case you don’t still have your manual.  I can’t seem to locate mine.

It’s in English first don’t let the link throw you off. I guess it’s ok with SanDisk to post this link since I could not find this pdf on their site at all.

 pdf link:

After you check that top link that should resolve your issue.  If it doesn’t state on that page, I’ve read that if you have it plugged in the USB port on the front of a desktop, your USB port may not have the speed to push the reader.  Therefore plug it in the back (with computer off) put a card in a slot, boot up your computer and your computer should recognize the drive at that point since there is media or a card (acting as your media in your drive).  If you have a laptop, shut it down, plug in the reader, insert your card, reboot, check Computer -Explorer and see if the drive is there or being read.  Mine is reading all of the different drives, assigning each a letter even though only 1 has a card in it.

Hopefully it is an easy fix. I read more about device manager, etc if you need more help, we can go into that. Let me know.  At times this is read in 2 places causing a conflict, therefore it will not act correctly.

Remember to return here, Bookmark the page, so we know if this has helped or resolved it or not.  If not I’ll look and see what else can be found.  You shouldn’t need any software, ie: drivers.  I bought mine in 2001-2003 when they first came out.  Having teenaged daughters with tons of different cameras over the years, I have used all of the different cards that this reads over the years.  It read all of the different sizes with no problems. I have had this plugged in to a WinXP (no service packs ever installed) Gateway desktop that ran 7 yrs, my next 2 laptops were a Vista and & a win7 so they had readers.  Now I have dusted this off, plugged it in for the first time in 9 yrs, since I have a desktop again.  It’s finally working with Windows10.  I was having trouble with mine reading until tonight.  The only thing that I can think of that I have done differently is rebooted with it plugged in.  I just transferred from a 2gb card photo’s from 2010 of the family with no errors on my SanDisk card with my 13 to 15 yo SanDisk 8-1 ImageMate Card Reader so to me that is true Quality and workmanship!  Way to go SanDisk, guess that’s why I only buy their Jump/Flashdrives, too  ;)

Don’t forget  Look in your Systray (System Tray) by the clock, lower right corner of your screen, right click on the drive, and always select Eject!  I didn’t know that until my 16 year old taught me…I think she yelled at me, it was her camera card…something about I was going to corrupt her card, she’s 32 now.  lol   I always remember now though.

and no I don’t work or affiliated with SanDisk just a Loyal Customer who will probably only post this once unless he needs my help again !  :)