ImageMate 12 in 1 card reader

Is there a fix for the unoperational status of the Sandisk card readers in Windows 7 ???

I cannot use the reader at all with my new computer … It’s a lousy USB card reader … 

My thoughts exactly. Looks good but doesnt work since I upgraded to Win 7 64-bit. Hopefully, someone will chime in here and share the solution. It seems that some people got it to work…not sure how. There’s no drivers for win 7!  Mine shows in the Eject list but its not showing up anywhere as a drive so I cant transfer anything from the media cards to the PC!

Is there a Driver available for my SanDic ImageMate 12 in 1 card reader? Please Help me SanDic?

Hi I posted on the 8-1 question which is probably the same issue that you are having can you look at that one see if it helps?  No drivers are necessary  And I am using a desktop with windows10

Here is a link from SanDisk too that might help I put it out on the main board so it’s easy to find

Let me know k?  Good Luck!  :) 


I’m having Issues with the 12 in 1 SDDR-289 as well.

I just wnated to use it for SD and micro SD Cards and it doesnt work well. SD Cards wont be recognised by the Computer even if the bue light shows up. MicroSD works for me. I wanted to update the firmware. And after ages of struggle to remove my 2.0 internal Reader without getting the PC out and stripping the Cable, I finally could start the Update tool. But then I noticed I’m on the newest version. So what would help?
I bought it at a local store and cant find the recite any more otherwhise I would just bring it back to them.

Very expensive piece which doesnt work well.

peace horst

Same challenge.  SD cards mostly are not read but other card formats OK.  Am starting to look for a more robust alternative.   I can’t travel and not be able to upload content.   Not encouraged by this to embrace other drive technologies (remote drive product).  (Western Digital) drive may be fine but card reader now is of questionable quality for me.  Firmware all updated etc but fault persists.  Same cards read by other readers every time…

I was able to get the card to read after ejecting the card and then putting the card back into the reader. Using Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit here. Just thought I would offer this advice about the reader. Initially when putting the card into the device you cannot read the device, after ejecting the card and putting it back into the device you can read the data on the device.

I’ve had this product for years that I never used. My current laptop doesn’t have any CD ROM for me to install the installation disc, where can I find it online so I can install the driver for this thing to work, right?

So I just found it but kept getting this message when I downloaded it:

“You must replug-in device for a new firmware validate”

Does that mean I must unplug the device then plug it back in (replug) then click “finish” for the download/upgrade to happen?

there are no drivers for this product. the drivers needed are native to your operating system. 

yes that message means you need to unplug the reader then reconnect it.