I'm having a problem in setting up my Sansa Clip. I'm not...

I’m having a problem in setting up my Sansa Clip. I’m not fussed about the default folders Albums/Music etc, it looks quite ordered on a computer screen but not in the Clip.

Is it possible to get rid of the defaults and have my own folder structure? All I want is folders something like:





I’m quite happy dragging and dropping my own ripped MP3s into various folders.



You can use your own folder structure.  But keep in mind that that is only for organization purposes–the Clip uses ID3 tags for cataloging and play, not folder view.

Thanks Miikerman. Not seeing a folder view is my problem.

Is there a way to say, choose a folder of “Favourites” via a PlayList or something similar?


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That’s the way to do it–create a playlist of the folder contents (there are various posts here, and there’s the manual, on playlist creation).

This is easy on Linux with m3uent.  Just make your folders and put the music in them, then go to the MUSIC dir and run m3uent on each one. like this:

m3uent -nap Favorites.m3u -f  “Favorites”
m3uent -nap Album1.m3u -f  “Album1”

m3uent -nap Album2.m3u -f  “Album2”

If there are subdirs in there, you will see some errors about those dirs not being valid mp3 files.  Just ignore them.  The playlist will be right.  If you don’t like those errors, you can get rid of them with a -f argument like:

m3uent -nap Favorites.m3u -f  “Favorites -name *.mp3”

BTW, while confirming this, I found a bug in m3uent and have updated it. It’s at the same place, http://wuest.org/m3uent and ‘m3uent --version’ should say 0.1a.


Thanks guys. I’ve been beavering along meantime.

Miikerman could you kindly post the link to the PlayList manual, thanks.

Not being familiar with MP3 players ID3 tags/PlayLists etc (I’m old :wink: ) but OK with computers, I’ve had a look around and a fiddle and it seems, I have created a solution.

Plug your Sansa Clip in/Load Windows Explorer/Navigate to the folder on your Clip that you want to make a playlist of (In my case, My Computer/Sansa Clip/Internal Memory/Favourites) Select the songs you wish to have in the PlayList/Right Click on the selected files and choose Create PlayList from the popup menu/A new file called “New Playlist.pla” is created ready for you to rename or accept. Unplug the Clip from the computer and navigate to the PlayList, Menu/Music/Playlists/Favourites (in my case)/Forward or the Select Button/Press the Select Button again and you are away.


I just meant the manual for the Clip; it discusses playlist creation.

Here’s a link to the product page; there’s a link to the manual at right.


Ah, yes…seems a long winded way of doing it now!

I’m surpised to see that one can fit twice as many songs in WMA as MP3 on a player