I'm getting duplicate mp3 files in my audiobook

Hello, I’m a new Fuze user.  I added an audiobook to my device via drag and drop (I’m still confused regarding the auto, msc, mtp thing but my setting is on Auto) to the audiobook folder.  When I navigate to it, at the last menu Titles, the first 27 files (chapters for this book) are duplicated. Then it stops and the last 20 chapters have only a single entry.  When I look at the audiobook folder in windows explorer there are no duplicates.

I opened up my book in MP3tag and everything looks in order.  My File names, tracks and titles all match each other and are in the proper sequence.

I’ve updated to the lasted firmware version.

Is there a fix for this? Have I done something incorrectly when loading my files?

Thank you.

The dupes are probably because you loaded them twice, once in MSC mode and once in MTP. The Fuze can see all the files, but the PC can only see the files in the mode that the Fuze is set to.

If MP3Tag can see the files on the Fuze, it’s in MSC mode. But since you are using Windows, then Auto will try to connect in MTP. So, the chance of you having loaded files in both modes are high.

Suggest: Reformat using Fuze’s Format option. Set to MSC. Reload audiobooks.

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