I'm about to return my Fuze...

I’m on the verge of completely giving up on my Fuze.  I just used DVDFab to rip a DVD to a 300MB AVI DivX file, and used Rhapsody to transfer it to my fuse.  When I used Rhapsody, it said “We’re going to optimize the video for use on your device,” which took over an hour.  Finally, it hit 100%, and attempted to transfer the video to my Fuze.  At that point, it said, “Your device does not have enough space.”

I have a 4GB Fuze, with more than 3GB’s currently unused.  So, it’s basically saying that Rhapsody bloated my 300MB file to over 3GB’s…  Somehow.

What program do I need to rip DVD’s?  What size and format should I rip the DVD?  What should I do next?

This is my last ditch effort to enjoy this device.

It may not have anything to do with the change in size it may be that in the process somewhere the file became corrupted. I would suggest you rip it with whatever ripper you like then Use Video4Fuze which is a software writen by another user to add the videos to the player.