Ignoring .WMA metadata


Sometimes the metadata ( album, artist, … ) are stupid or inconsistent - especially with audio books on CD where they seems to change titles, artist, and so on in infinite variations.     I organize things neatly in folders by Album, e.g. “Book Name - CD 1” CD 2, CD 3, etc… and the tracks are named Chaper.Track format but because the metadata is captured stupidly, half of the tracks will show up under the wrong albums…  

Is there a way to have the clip just ignore the metadata and just show me folders & files?

Or does anyone have a favorite tool to edit the metadata on WMA’s, I could just “script my way out of the problem”…

– Bob

You can edit your tags with MP3Tag, or if you have a Clip + you can use Folder navigational mode at the bottom of the main Music menu.

Also, if you’d still like to use the Clip’s database but have bad tags and don’t want to correct the tags, you seemingly could delete all the tags and store the files in the Clip’s Audiobooks or Podcasts folders, and the Clip will use the folder and file names for the files. 

Actually the items in  Audio Book folder do use the WMA metadata.   At least on v 1.2.15 firmware.

But, and many thanks for the suggestion, I scrolled down and found the Folders… menu option!  That, of course, works perfectly.

Thanks folks!

– Bob

@bob_o_rama wrote:

Actually the items in  Audio Book folder do use the WMA metadata.   At least on v 1.2.15 firmware.


Yep, that’s what I thought… That’s why I wrote that you first would need to delete the tags en masse.

Hey, folder browsing is a cool function, especially for some typs of audiobook files, and podcasts.

Both of these can be a real mine field of stupid data.  Just try ripping an audiobook CD and watch what happens, crazy track names, numbers, the works.  As for podcasts, whether the metadata is correct depends who placed the file on the server that day, depending upon the source.

At least, by file and foler name, you have a chance at bypassing that mess.  This is because the file system requires that a file have a name to be stored.  Metadata can sometimes be omitted.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: