If song still exist after deleting info

Below is what I found from Sandisk help section.  I know my player is set to MSC, but I have a feeling this is where my problem deleting the audiobook and it still stays on the player. I will try this myself next time.  :neutral_face: 

If songs still exist after deleting, you may need to switch USB modes from MTP to MSC or vice versa.

Enabling or forcing MSC mode on your Sansa player:

How do I connect my Sansa player in “MSC Mode” or force the MSC mode on my Sansa player?

The steps below are to force your Sansa players to connect in MSC mode to your PC.  This is done as an option if enabling MSC through normal device operation is not possible.

Sansa Fuze: 

  1. Turn off your player. 

  2. Slide the Power switch on the right side of the player down until you see the orange indicator. 

  3. Press and hold the << (rewind) button while connecting the player to the PC.