If my system hardware is not stable,can I use SSD to be the windows SYSTEM disk?

I’m prepare to upgrade my harddisk to sandisk Ultra Plus II SSD 240G and install a new Win10 system to the SSD.

But I also prepare to overclock my CPU to high frequency,before I will find the stable overclocking frequency of my CPU, the system will be not stable for a few days and may be restart by pressing reset button for a dozons of times.

My question is that should I use the SSD hardisk be the Windows10 system disk?

Thanks a lot.


in my opinion i think that you should not overclock the system so much that will make it unstable, so try to overclock it a little bit and see how it goes, because if the system is not stable it will not only affect the hard drive or SSD but also the whole package that will be overloaded and may fail

Hi Deponia,

Thank you for you suggestions,I underst you clearly and my goal is tring to run the system under a stable condition for a long time and with a better performance.

I have a method to find out the higher stable frequency of CPU (Intel i5 3570k)  at a secure voltage by running several CPU burning programs,I will also use a highend CPU cooler to make sure the CPU is running under a secure temperature.

But in the process,the system may encounter blue screen of death for 10-20 times, then I have to restart the system by pressing the reset button.

My question is that if I use reset button to restart the system,under which condition,the SSD will be damaged? Because I found someone said the SSD would be damaged by press reset button to restart the system,I don’t know whether it’s true.


of course the ssd will also be damaged if the system keeps crashing and you terminate the power of the computer many times, you will also see the unexpected power loss counter in the ssd dashboard of the ssd to grow in the smart attributes that means that it affects the life endurance of the ssd. 

so i would suggest not to overclock at this point where the system will start ot crash. 

Thank you so much…I will be carefull from now…

Now is it ok….!!!