If and when my battery dies...

Will I be able to use my Sansa Clip+ with the ac adaptor  plugged into a wall socket when my battery eventually dies? I mainly use the Clip+ while on a stationary bike near a wall outlet and I’m curious if I can still use it or will a dead battery disable the unit entirely. Thanks.

No, you should still be able to use the player on the AC/DC (or, for that matter, an external battery pack/charger).

Realistically, you’re talking _ years _ down the road before this happens though. Chances are, something else will happen to it before the battery gives up.

That’s the way to be optimistic!    :wink:

@miikerman wrote:

That’s the way to be optimistic!    :wink:


I meant it could get lost or stolen, dropped & broken, replaced because new technology is bigger, better and/or cheaper, stuff like that.

But it’s also possible something else could fail on it too. Electronics are funny; one minute they work, the next minute they don’t. This happened to my computer monitor just yesterday. It worked fine the day before; I turned it on yesterday, it fired up for half a second and then blink *OFF*! That’s it, done, over with, finito. Luckily, I had another one at work I could bring home.

Stuff happens . . . especially to electronics.

Thank you for the info guys.