ieed help

i have a big problems my sasa mp3 m230  my sister format in windows and now no work i need sansa recovery tool but in the server appears: Access DeniedYou don’t have permission to access “” on this server.

Reference #18.6c574350.1186467187.3b9f7

any solution please greetins for cuba   juan

the recovery tool is not for the m230. it is specifically made for the sansa connect. if you need help on your mp3 player, please post it here

my problem is my sister format in windows the sansa m230 i connect the pc but not recognice, and no play in play mode ,i dont updater for the pc not recognise the m230    greetins  juan     i speak english very bad

when its not recoginzed its probably something with wrong with the player.  Have you check the M200 forums for questions that sound similar to what you are expeieriencing?

i have teh exact same problem Hellp. i