idiot who cant even get the darn thing recognised!

hello. sorry but I really am a technophobe.

My PC wont recognise my clipplus. Ive downladed the firmware updater program but I dont have windows media player installed on my pc (Iuse GOMplayer for media files)

is there anyway round this so i can drag media files onto the sandisc or can i only do this by installing mediaplayer first?

my previous Zenplayer seemed to be fine and was just recognised as adisc device so you could open, delete and add files.

any advice will be gratefully recieved!

Windows Media Player 10 or later is required and has the necessary drivers needed to connect in MTP mode. But since you don’t have WMP and simply want to drag & drop (or copy & paste) your files onto the player, you can just go into Settings > System Settings > USB Mode and change it to MSC mode. This will make your player appear to your computer as any other drive (like a thumb drive or memory stick). No additional or special drivers needed.


Also, no need to use the Frimware Updater:  to get the latest firmware, simply go to the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum jere and follow the instructions there easily to download and install it (much better than using the always-on (and consuming computer resources) Firmware Updater, in my opinion).