Idea for an upcomming Firmware

I have an Idea for an upcomming firmware it does not have to be the next one. How about a play all feature in the Podcast folder. I have about 2 dozen to listen to and I hate having to navigate out to the contributer name and then select it to get them to play. So A feature allowing you to say play everything in this folder would be cool for me.

and maybe some different wallpaper styles and colors because that curving line thingy is kinda annoying and makes me actually not wanna listen to my fuze aka the 2nd best mp3 player in the world.

I too use my Fuze for Podcasts.

It would be nice to be able to add podcasts to playlists

so I could choose which podcasts I want to listen to.

The new firmware should just ignore the “album” and “artist”

tags and just list all media that is either genre=Podcast or is

in the Podcast folder.

I second the different Fuze colors. And it needs to be able to make pictures as backgrounds:smiley:

I second the use of pictures as a background. It would be nice if I could see my girlfriend or sister every time I turned on the Fuze, seeing as to how I rarely get to see them in real life.