Id3v Rating tags for Clip+ / Foobar2000

I have been attempting to synchronise the ratings between my Clip+ and PC Software. However, I somewhat lack knowledge on the subject and am at a loss when understanding exactly what a sync’d mp3 player involves, and exactly what code is necessary should I wish to implement the most frequently used Id3v rating tag.

  • It is easy to create my own custom Id3v rating tag in Foobar2000, but I am unsure as to exactly what code to use for the standard Popularimeter Id3v tag [assuming this is what the Clip+ uses?]

  • I realise that MediaMonkey / Windows media player are probably the most advisable programs for working with the Clip+. However, I am committed to employing Foobar as my Windows media program.

Foobar thread on creating custom Id3v tags [for anyone who is curious]: 

Thread on why people should use POPM [I want to, just am not quite sure how to translate it to a foobar script; however it occurs to me that perhaps the Clip+ does not even use POPM, maybe it uses TXXX anyway?]: 

The POPM Id3v info page [this is probably most significant]:

So basically, what I am looking for is:

  • What Id3v tag is used for the Clip+ rating system?

  • Could you suggest how this Id3v tag could be successfully implemented as a script for foobar? (See the first hyperlink.) 

Thanks for any help!


Does the Clip even store the rating in a tag?  I assumed it was transfered directly via MTP without touching the tags.  

Hmm you might be right there :frowning:

So can anyone confirm this? Does the clip+ indeed not use tags? Does it purely receive and store arbitrary information from MTP?

I would have thought it would have to read id3v tags, because you can just drag and drop to the clip folder, without syncing with a media player. 

The ratings info is not stored within the ID3 tags of a track. I don’t have the name of the file at hand where they are stored, but it’s only in MTP mode that they are visible I believe.

Hmm… pity :frowning:

I have been looking at rockbox however, and it appears to use tags in its database system, so I presume changing to rockbox instead of default firmware would allow for a customtag equivalent to be created in foobar2000, allowing you to preset ratings for use in rockbox on the clip+. 

did you move over top Rockbox to get this to work?

(A sad state of affairs that we have to rely on the generosity of freelance programmers to solve a fundamental media player function that dates back years rather than global corporation Sansa stepping up and supporting its customers!)