ID3 Tags in e280

I’d like to know exactly what the player is reading when it sorts the music.  I figured it was reading the ID3 tags, so I edited the album section of each tag to say “assorted” just for kicks.  But only 23 of the couple hundred “assorted” songs show up under that album.  So what exactly is it reading when it decides to list a song under a specific album?  And yes, the album shows up properly in windows and windows media player 10.  I was thinking there might be a limit to the number of songs it will show in an album… but that would be a stupid bit of code to include… especially since it seems to have no trouble listing them all under the “songs” menu.

If I am not mistaken the e200 uses Id3v2 tags. I have done what you stated with my files, and everything was sorted accordingly.

This might help for the technical background, but not for the Sansa specifically:

I use both Mp3tag and MediaMokey. The best way to learn these apps is by reading the help files yourself and toying around with it. Both of these apps are free downloads, and an upgraded version of MediaMonkey (Gold) is actually sold, but the basic version works great! Give them and try, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.

*SanDisk does not endorse or sponser any of the links I have provided. I use them for personal reference and found it something to help me personally. SanDisk did not at anytime make me go out and purchase or use anything. I cant be upset at SanDisk if something I looked up on my own does not work properly.

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I’m using Media Monkey as well and have two files with album art embedded in the tag. Media Monkey does not show either file in the “missing album art” folder and I see it displayed just fine.

Based on your experience with Media Monkey and the Sansa e200 products would you expect these files to display album art correctly on an e260 model?


On my e200 series model (e270r; firmware version 01.02.12a) I experienced the same problem (some MP3s listed/played alphabetically, some ordered by Track # from the ID tag).  I compared them and quickly confirmed that the ones listed alphabetically are those having only ID3v1 tags.  So this suggests that my Sansa is requiring the ID3v2 tags.  This was, well, a big f#$%&g bummer to me at first…but then I discovered MP3tag ( This little app flat out ROCKS!  Problem solved.