id3 tag problem with m250

  • I have problems with ID3 tags. I uploaded on the player an album from an artist, all the songs have the same album names but the player doesn’t see the songs as part of the same album. When I choose “Play Music”->“Artist”, in the list appears many albums with the same name. There are one, two or more songs in each album, although it was supposed to be one only album and all the song in that album. The ID3 tag is correct, I tried on other different players (sansa e100 also) and the songs appear in one album only.
  • When I disconnect from USB PC I have difficulties power it on. It displays SANSA m250 2.0GB logo and then it powers off. The battery is full. After a while, after a few tries it finally powers on.
  • Once in a while when I power it on, the blue light does not appear, it only shows the screen text, no backlight, no matter whet I try (including power off and on again). The only solution I found is to remove the battery and put it back again)

Many problems, but the most important is the first! The ID3 tag. If you have any ideeas, please let me know; it is really inacceptable to see 10 albums with the same name, instead of one.
The version is 3.2.8A.

You want to update your firmware by downloading and
installing the Updater.  Click Here

Try a new battery. The backlight will not light up when the
battery is low.

I’m not and expert on ID3 tags. My guess would be something
is off on the labeling of the album title for the songs.
Someone else here can help out.

3.2.8A is the last firmware for m250. An update to version 4 is not supported. I changed the ID3 tags encoding (UTF-8, UTF-16, ANSI) and even version (from 2.3 to 2.4) but this didn’t solve the problem. The strings from the album names are 100% identical, there is no doubt in that. I suppose there is the same problem with the artist, gendre and so on. Somehow sansa fails to find to identical strings as equal, which should be solved by the firmware, but is not.