ID3 Tag Genres

Hey guys,

Just bought a Sansa Fuze 8Gb last week, updated the firmware and now enjoying my new player.

However, one thing that really does bother me though is not directly to do with the player itself and I'm hoping someone had found a solution to it. Before I transferred all my music over, I mass-tagged everything using Winamp. Now the problem is, I'm now stuck with all these annoyingly obscure genres like 'Alternative Pop' as opposed to just, 'pop', 'ambient techno', 'big beat', even 'data and other' and a whole suite of categories prefixed with 'general'. This is a problem because each category only contains a handful of songs. Is there any way, short of going through each tag and changing the genre manually, to accurately simplify the genres, down to say, rock, hip hop, dance, house, chillout, reggae etc. rather than all these obscurely distinctive ones?

Hopefuly someone can help.


I don’t agree with a lot of the ‘genre’ tags that on-line databases put on, or even for that matter when you’re shopping for CD’s. The whole thing is so subjective according to the point of view & opinion of whoever is assigning the ‘label’.

‘Rock’ is probably the most abused category there is. If someone’s music style doesn’t fit anywhere else, throw it into Rock! Here’s a good one. I was in the library the other day persusing CD’s and found Britney Spears labeled as Rock! Are you kidding me? Puh-leze!?!

Anyway, back to your problem. It seems like Winamp and the on-line database it uses really mucked up your collection! Unfortunately, I don’t know of anyway to fix it, short of using a program like MP3Tag and manually correcting them. You don’t have to do it one by one; you can do it ‘en masse’ by Artist. It’s still going to take some work on your part though.

You can also add ‘user-created’ genre labels to the drop-down menu in MP3Tag, so you don’t have to type them in if it’s a genre you commonly use, like ‘Folk-Rock’ or ‘Country-Rock’. A lot of artists bridge different genres and don’t necessarily fit any one ‘mold’. Personally, I think it’s just wrong to lump The Charlie Daniels Band into Rock with the likes of AC/DC or Ted Nugent or into the Country genre with Conway Twitty or Hank Williams. :wink:

Britney Spears - Rock Star! . . .Wow! I STILL can’t believe it! :smileyvery-happy:

Lol, poor Brit!

Yeh after having a think about it it’s probably unrealistic to expect too much uniformity on the internet especially with such a subjective topic :angry:

I guess for my purposes I just wanted to be able to scroll down to ‘chillout’ for example hit play and it will play everything I consider to be chillout, including ambient, mood, and so on so amybe i do have a big project on my hands to simplify my collection. 


So MP3-Tag will do the job? Is it free?  I don't have much experience with tagging aside from Winamp which is entirely automatic and uncostomizable.

@rock84 wrote:

So MP3-Tag will do the job? Is it free?  I don’t have much experience with tagging aside from Winamp which is entirely automatic and uncostomizable.

Yep & Yep. You can get it here. For best results, set the ‘write’ options (under Tools) for ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.

Here’s a primer on tags & MP3Tag to get you started. :smiley:

Awesome, thanks a lot, I’ll check it out.