ID3 tag editor that sees the CLIP +

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Is anyone aware of a simple ID3 tag editor that will work directly with the CLIP+?  Right now, I would have to copy all files from the CLIP to the hard drive, edit them, and then copy them them back to the CLIP, which would be very time consuming.  I’ve download 3-4 of them, and none of them see the CLIP or any of the CLIP’s files. 

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Have you tried MP3Tag?

Make sure your player is set to MSC mode, and then you should be able to edit the files directly on the player. at least with the afore-mentioned MP3Tag program you can. If you use MTP mode, you’ll have to edit the files on the computer, delete the non-edited files on the player, and transfer over the modified ones again.

This is so informational I’m gonna do this too!!

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@bobbyray143 wrote:

This is so informational I’m gonna do this too!!

I was hoping you’d say that.