ID3 display while song is playing.

The display currently is laid out like:


2-Track Title/Album

I hate that, esp. since it scrolls, I can never just Glance at it to find out the song or album I’m on.

I wish the play screen was layed out like the following:

1-Track Title

2-Album Name

3-Artist Name

Or at least have the option to configure how the two lines are displayed.  I’d prefer to just have the Track Title on top and the Album on bottom and this businesses of the scrolling must stop!

I wish that SanDisk would read this and update the firmware to give this option.

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I think the issue is the space available.  I agree with you–I’d give the most importance to album and song, as versus to artist name.  I also wish that the scrolling would be sped up–it’s like watching ants in the refrigerator.

Making it customizable would be a cool idea.  Personally, I’d prefer to just see the artist and song title.  I could care less what album it came from…I just wanna know what I’m listening to, and who sings it.

Don’t feel bad.  My clip displays random ID3 info, even though it’s all correct in my tag editing program.

Usually the album name is where the artist should be, the song title is where the album name should be, and the artist is “unknown”. 

If there are Unicode or other characters in the MP3 tags, the Clip will default to “unknown”.  I have had a hidden space goof up a tag too.  Once the id3 tags are repaired, you’ll see the correct information displated.

I agree on the slow scroll too…it’s way too slow.

And good luck with those ants-

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I’ve noticed mine sometimes shows artist names that aren’t correct.  I know that didn’t show up that way in WMP when I set up the tags, but I haven’t gone in to verify that something weird isn’t in the tag that WMP doesn’t show.