Id Tag problem

When i choose to sort my mp3s by artists it lists “Thievery Corporation” or “Roni Size” 3 times. How come? There is no misspelling… Ive checked the id tags aswell. cant find the reason for the tripple listing :frowning:

When this happened to me, it seemed to be because the ID3 tags for the various albums were encoded under different computer character systems (e.g. ISO-8859-1, etc.).  When I simply re-saved all the tags under a single tag editor (e.g. The Godfather), thereby assuring that only a single character system was being used, the issue went away.

Beware if you have mixed MP3s and WMAs there is the potential for this to happen also even if everything is otherwise perfect and consistent.

Use the search thingee for more info, try entering “id3 UTF ISO tags” then bash the Search button

I`ve converted all the characters of my faulty mp3s with ID3 mp3 tag into one single character code et voilà it works :slight_smile:

Thx for your help guys :)