Ibiza Rhapsody

So now Rhapsody has their own wireless mp3 player, the ibiza.  Now that they’ve demonstrated they can do wireless, the question now is will they support the Connect after the switchover?  I think this is a good sign, given the existing ties between SanDisk and Rhapsody.  

The Ibiza was created by Haier, not Rhapsody.  Haier partnered with Rhapsody for streaming music, similar to Sandisk partnering with Yahoo for the Connect.

But yeah, I am hoping that a firmware update will allow the Connect to communicate with Rhapsody.

Yes, I didn’t mean to imply that Rhapsody actually manufactured the Ibiza.  I meant more that Rhapsody is promoting a WiFi player in much the same way Yahoo promotes the Connect.  Interesting model.  Now at least there’s two WiFi players out there.