I Washed My Fuze+

I sent my fuze through the washing machine  I tried to let it dry but the water is inside the screen itself i don’t know what to do i took off the case and the water is inside the screen in bubbles.

The screen will most-likely be OK. You may be able to remove most of the water in screen with air.  The battery may not recover.  I am not sure why.  Rinse with your best water and blow dry if you have compressed air.   Plug it in.  My son had  player of another kind that went through the washer and dryer.  The screen was ok. The dryer may have been the death of his battery.   The battery would die it 2 hours even if it was not being player.    

My wife’s cell phone spent the night drowned in the ice chest.  The screen is not perfect ( a light water mark) but everything else worked with a new battery.  

Please update us on the out come.  

You might want to have a look at this thread.

thank you it didn’t take that long and now my fuze is charging don’t know how long it will last though