I was able to save my files just fine on the 8g cruzer but how do I get them off now?

My pc died slowly.  Fortunately I saved all my pics onto this flash drive before it stopped booting up but I cant find help anywhere on how to access the stuff I saved.  I found some of the files in the vault and transferred them but the majority are still on the drive and in a different format than how they went in.  I try to open them and my comp doesnt know what to open them with.  This is bull**bleep**!!  Why would I want any of my files saved in any other format than what I saved them in?

What point is there in saving my files if I cant use or access them?

The good news is the USB drive doesn’t convert files.  If you drag and drop files onto it, inside the vault or outside of it, they are exactly the same.  

If on the other hand you used a Windows app to save them to the USB drive and you lost the app when you lost your hard drive you may have some problems reading them on your new hard drive with it’s new apps.

Another common problem when people move files around, they don’t save them with the proper file extention or with one at all.  Without the extention Windows doesn’t know what app to open the files with.

Most pics are saved as .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp.  What are your’s saved as?